Superior Liquidity = Superior Return

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HABITAT provides unparalleled liquidity for an unparalleled property investment.

HABITAT units are nested in a Singapore-based single-purpose legal vehicle that is transferred do the buyer upon purchase.

Re-selling a HABITAT Property is:

  • Safer: the title is already cleared and nested in the single purpose legal entity and the buyer can easily ascertain the ownership title.

  • Faster: the transfer of ownership takes two business days, instead of 4-6 weeks typically required. Risk of fraud is dramatically reduced as there is no need to travel to Cambodia.

  • Cheaper: the seller and buyer save up to 70% of transaction costs relative to the traditional system

  • Private: only the ownership of the Singapore-based vehicle owning the unit is transferred. No action is required in Cambodia.

HABITAT Luxury Apartments is nested into a Singapore-based single purpose legal entity. As purchase is finalized, the control of the legal entity is transferred to you outright and you become the sole owner fo the unit. Based on cutting edge technology in one of the safest jurisdictions in the world, HABITAT’s ownership structure is designed to maximize liquidity and security, minimize transaction costs and speed of ownership transfer. In essence; HABITAT’s ownership structure maximizes liquidity and protects the long-term value of your investment.


CRYPTO payment facility available upon request.